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Review of 2018 Beijing Sino-Dental Exhibition

BDC booth in Beijing show were unusually hot, in summary, besides the reason on our high and strict standard and superior after-sales service of our Products, more reason is that, in that show, BDC launched the new procduct--Younity zero-suction and natural light turbine hanpiece.

1. Highlight in emergency-stop and zero-suction

Emergency-stop and zero-suction can effectively prevent the dirts such as debris, saliva, blood and bacteria and so on from suction into cartridge because of the stop during surgery, and also can effectively prevent dirts into cartridge and damage the bearing, besides, more effectiveness is prevention in cross infection, making bearing longer life, healthier and safer.

2. Brand new airflow design, strong and powerful cutting

3.The world’s leading disinfected LED light system.

American imported LED.

100% endure high temperature and high presure sterilization.

4. European imported dynamic balancing equipment.

Dynamic balancing revision

Every cartridge went through perfect balance, running more stable. Longer life, lower noise.

5. Advanced spindle design, stable clampingforce, low possiblity in flying bur

Clamping force up to 42N, difficulty in flying bur.

Comfortable push button design, convenient and easy to insert or remove bur.

Such superior comprehensive performance, our new product, is no wonder why the vast of dentists are favourite about it, even every customer who is from all over the world, is praiseful to our new product! Because of BDC family’s excelsior working spirit, going through thirteen-year consistently struggle and innovation, BDC products receive highly recognition from vast domestic and international customers. This was also why this new product launch in Beijing show was so hot.

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