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Shanghai CDS Dental Exhibition-- BDC wonderful review&surprise

BDC handpiece special warm-hearted operation


BDC invites you to enjoy CDS wonderful moment

On September 1st, 2018, The 20th worldwide dental academy meeting of Chinese Stomatological Association, 2018 Chinese International Dental Equipment Expo (CDS) successfully ended. BDC received customer’s favourable review with our high-qualification products and service as always. So at this time, we invite you to enjoy the wonderful moment together in this show!

Recommended hot product -- Emergency-stop and zero-suction handpiece

These days in the show, the most attractive superstar prodcut is our Natural light series handpiece, Emergency-stop and zero-suction. At this time, let us lern more about what the zero-suction is. There is no doubt that dentists could notice that dental handpiece does not instantly stop running after loosing the dental chair’s pedal, but will stop after four-second high speed inertia running. During this inertia running,there will form negative pressure, leading to absorp the dirts, such as debris, blood, saliva and so on, into cartridge, resulting in the bearing being stuck by debris, but also cause series problem, for example, blood will be left in cartridge which is difficult to clean, and the bacteria is brought into cartridge causing the unthorough disinfection. However, the function on zero-suction, will make the bur instantly stop running after loosing the pedal, which could effectively achieve accurate operation, avoiding damage oral soft tissue when running the bur, and become safer to patients. Besides, zero-suction function could reduce the negative pressure while bur stops runnig, and the number of suction is almost zero, which could effectively avoid dirts into cartridge and the above problem. Emergency-stop and zero-suction, enables the operation safer, cleaner and more accurate, effectively preventing cross-infection and protecting the bearing, to make its life longer.

-Emergency-stop and Zero-suction field demonatration and interpretation

Nowadays, some international brands almost lead the function about emergency-stop and zero-suction into handpiece. But in the domestic, very few factory can achieve this function, however, BDC is one of the few, besides, BDC have been focusing on handpiece manufacturing over 13 years. Rich accumulated experience and mature technic, is the strong reason why BDC products become everyone’s favourite. Large power, high effect and dentist standard configuration--High speed 3 series handpiece RD-3

As a dentist’s essential configuration, high speed 3 series handpiece’s superior characteristics such as stable comprehensive capability, strong cutting strength, superstrong mute and one-year warranty, are strong reason that favored by the majority of dentist friends. With high-qualification and technic as strong brace, BDC’s products dare to face dentists’ field test.

Surprise: Warm-hearted operation

That’s how the story happened. In the exhibition, a dentist with five friends together came to our booth for visit, one of lady’s nail (heroine in below picture)was broken, and at that time, there was without any tools to trim the broken nail, which make this lady uncomfortable with that broken nail. Then, in that key moment, our hero(a male dentist in below picture) came into stage, he pulled this lady’s hand to our test board, and said to her, come here!With my professional skilful techique, I can help you with dental handpiece trim a beautiful nail! As result with surprise, our BDC handpiece ran smoothly with strong cutting power and superstrong mute. At the same time in solving the problem, dentists were profuse in praise to our handpiece. A good handpiece enabled dentist to show charm in front of the beauty, and made them smile. It was also our first time to experience and get that warm-hearted point to hit on a girl.

- Using BDC handpiece, carving out the way to love you-

This exhibition has come to a successfully conclusion. Let’s look forward to October, and expect to meet you again in our beautiful Shanghai. BDC will be devote to provide more good products in stomatology industry with our BDC excelsior attitude as always!

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Hot product at first day in Shanghai CDS Dental Exhibition

Field test on BDC zero-suction and emergency-stop handpiece

Leading you to BDC at five days before

The 20th worldwide dental academy meeting of Chinese Stomatological Association, 2018 Chinese International Dental Equipment Expo (CDS) was successfully held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Centre. First day, BDC met the worldwide dentist friends and provided them field visit and guidance, and invited many dentists to test and evaluated for our products. High technic and quality stand the trials,and dentist friend gave our BDC dental handpiece the highly recognition in the field.

Hot product-- Field test for function on emergency-stop and zero-suction

Emergency-stop and zero-suction field-test analysis

Left is ordinary and non zero-suction handpiece, right is BDC emergency-stop and zero-suction handpiece. From video we can see, the number of suction on non zero-suction handpiece at the left is very obvious,so during the dentist’s actual surgery, it will be easy to absorp dirts, such as debris,saliva, blood and so on, into the cartridge, leading that bearing being stuck by debris, and the bacteria is brought into cartridge causing the unthorough disinfection, resulting in series problem like cross-infection.the number of suction of BDC emergency-stop and zero-suction handpiece at the right is zero, so this handpiece can effectively avoid dirts, such as debris, saliva, blood and so on absorping into cartridge, more effectively avoiding cross-infection, and make the bearing recieve more efficient protect with longer life.

BDC zero-suction handpiece, cleaner,safer, longer life!

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This outstanding BDC,worth being your favourite!

BDC ‘s value, Innovation Concentration Integrity Aggressive.

Thirteen years of hard work and progressing, pursuing for high quality and setting up to be the industry benchmark!

Conscientiously strive and struggle, pursuing for everyone’s healthy and confident smile!

We are all of BDC

Gathering from all over the world, we posses a common name -- BDC. The fate, makes us create a great enterprise, and we struggle together!

Advanced production equipment

Are they only a machine or equipment? NO, advanced equipment is the premise of high quality and high standard!

Excellent employees is a valuable wealth.

Meeting is fate, gathering together can form a great power, which is for building the quality and brand. They, the employees, are BDC ’ s most valuable wealth, and BDC ‘s development can’t live without theirs power, similarly, theirs growth also can not live without BDC ‘s cultivation. Under the common value of innovation, concentration, integrity and aggressive, we choose to face honour and disgrace together, and strive for setting up the industry benchmark.

Customer’s satisfaction, is our motivation!

Customer’s requirement is our orientation to hard work. Customer’s satisfaction is our motivation for advancing. BDC brings brand new experience to every customer with high-qualification products and service.


The rich accumulated experience and remarkable enterprise culture is the origin of endless motivation. High-efficiency specification on business progress, excelsior spirit of research and development and people-oriented customer insights make us Innovate continuously. Possessing the enterprise ‘s value of innovation, concentration, integrity and aggressive, BDC devotes to develop in Chinese oral medical business, and be sincere to provide outstanding dental products, professional technical support and thorough after-sales service to dentist.

BDC, orienting dentist’s requirement, pursuing for everyone ‘s healthy and confident smile!

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Process of handpiece maintanance

1. The common reasons about damage to high speed handpiece

1) Impurity are brought into cartridge by unclean compressed air, damaging the bearing.

2) The water source contains impurities, causing internal pipeline blockage.

3) Long-term overpressure work.

4) Use non-standard bur.

5) Handpiece is not regularly maintained.

6) handpiece hits or falls from the height.

6) Irregulated operations or handpiece fatigue operation.

2. Maintenance process and notice.

1) cleaning handpiece.


Avoid flushing directly from the tail and the chuck hole, which will cause debris to break into the movement and damage the bearing; Remember not to use ultrasonic cleaning.

2) Oil cleaning and lubrication.

Clean by oil or lubricate handpiece from the second large hole at tail to chuck hole, and when lubricate the chuck of push bottom type handpiece, please push the back cap.

3) Wipe the surface of the handpiece body by acoholic.

Please wipe clean the handpiece with alcohol-immersed cotton swab or cloth.

4) Sterilization.Autoclavable up to 135℃.

3. Additional notes

1) Advice that lubricate the handpiece every 20 minutes afer consistently working.

2) After-sales maintenance tools can not damage the dynamic balance, disassemble the bearings should ensure that spindle and turbine are not both separated and move, to ensure the dynamic balance not to be destroyed.

3) Regulated operations ,avoid handpiece fatigue operation, and can not use non-standard bur.


Dear dentist friends, good handpiece usage habits and mastering the correct maintenance knowledge, can help your good helper to serve your noble business career better and longer. BDC will update the related product maintenance knowledge and related troubleshooting methods from time to time. Once BDC launch new product, will we promote it to every customer first. So welcome you stay tuned for our wonderful news and we are committed to providing you with more quality products and better service!